March 28: The President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Anatoly Zagorodny acknowledges offer of help from the international Physics of Nonideal Plasmas community:

March 22: The number of signatures exceeded 100, supporters are from 21 countries.

March 19: More well-known Florida physicists signed, including Peter Hirshfeld, Sam Trickey and Hendrik Monkhorst. Unfortunately, one colleague from Russia requested to remove his signature due to the difficult situation in Russia.

March 17: Theoretical Physicist Jim Dufty (U Florida) signed. We reached 70 signatures, 20 from Russia.

March 16: a new page with motivitation and a video statement has been added,

March 15: a new page with links to other letters has been added Please inform us about similar initiatives

March 14: Physics Nobel laureate Konstantin Novoselov signed the petition

52 signatures from 10 countries, including 18 from Russia

March 12: list reached 30 signatures

March 11: page and signature list went online